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Print Posted By Admin Staff on 09/26/2017 in Blog

A guide to travel the Spanish Speaking Nations of the Caribbean

A guide to travel the Spanish Speaking Nations of the Caribbean

The Caribbean has been a major destination for tourists looking for a more relaxed vacation experience for nearly a century. The Caribbean seems like an oasis of multiculturalism with a huge English, African, Dutch, French and Spanish influences. 

If you are planning your next trip to the Caribbean, consider visiting its Spanish speaking nations. Once former British Colonies, these beautiful countries are places where Spanish influences combine with African and native cultures form a unique experience for its visitors.

While Spain was the first to colonize many of the Caribbean Islands, most later became British territories.

Cuba, Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo are the only 3 Islands remaining where Spanish remains as the dominant  language and culture.


One of the largest islands in the Caribbean, Cuba offers plenty of incredible attractions. It is home to the best cigars in the world – the Cuban Cigar. Plenty of natural charm and beauty abounds here. Cuba boasts several magnificent beaches, rated among the best in the Caribbean. Dazzling shores, energetic nightlife, rolling mountains, vintage cars and of course fine cigars – the list of amazing things to see and do is endless. Of all the capitals in the Caribbean, Havana, Cuba’s capital, is perhaps the most beautiful. In Havana, you will find locals debate baseball on almost every street corner. Another place worth visiting is Santiago de Cuba home to several museums, beautiful churches and colonial villas. The colonial town of Trinidad is home to friendly, welcoming locals who spend most of their leisure time gathering in plazas lit by wrought-iron lamps. Once known as the country where the clocks stopped for decades, there’s always something new to discover in Cuba.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic with its capital Santo Domingo was the first Spanish city of the Americas. Take a walk around the Zona Colonial, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and experience real Spanish culture. Outside Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic boasts world class beaches as well as some stunning nature reserves. Festival lovers and carnival goers will find the Dominican Republic an interesting place to be. It is a breathtaking vacation destination worth visiting anytime of the year. Locals are friendly and usually extend their welcoming hands to visitors, saying, “This is your home!”. One of the highlights include the 1000 miles of pristine beaches studded with coconut palms. The Dominican Republic has turned out to be an all inclusive resorts with everything you need for a relaxing vacation experience. This beautiful Caribbean nation is worth visiting all year round. The best time of the year is during summer months, July and August. For budget traveler, visit during spring or autumn when you will find fewer tourists as well as cheap, affordable hotel accommodations. Also, the Dominican Republic sits in the center of the Caribbean hurricane belt and gets hit hard in the months of August and September.

Puerto Rico

Experience a blend of English speaking culture and the Spanish speaking tradition when you visit Puerto Rico. This unique country is home to lots of Spanish speakers. So, if you’ like to learn the Spanish language outside Spain, visit Puerto Rico. Also, Puerto Rico boasts several historic places. Visit San Juan, the ever vibrant capital city of Puerto Rico, and enjoy the very best of holiday experience. Puerto Rico is one of the most exciting destinations in the Caribbean. Graced by pristine beaches, year round sun and dozens of outdoor activities including scuba diving, surfing, deep-sea fishing, Puerto Rico has something for everyone. There is far more to Puerto Rico than its numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. Explore deeper and you will discover Puerto Rico’s eclectic mix of culture – African, European and Taino. The scenery is magical, and despite its link with the United States,  Puerto Rico still maintains its rich cultural heritage. As a member of the commonwealth, Puerto Rico has turned out to be a haven for tourists especially Americans looking for an enjoyable, passport-free holiday in the sun.

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